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Leadership Alignment
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Major initiatives often begin with a bang and end with a whimper.

Don’t let your business transformation initiatives fail.

Strategic initiatives get launched to improve competitive advantage, customer satisfaction, and financial results. Instead, 70% of major initiatives fail to deliver on their promises. This wastes time, money, and demoralizes teams. The traditional approach of planning and executing large initiatives results in too many meetings, not enough decisions, and employees that get stuck in the middle. What if it didn’t have to be this way? At Consequent, we will help you equip your project and organization for success.

Consequent helps you solve the organizational problems that cause strategic projects to underdeliver.

Organizational dynamics are almost always the root cause for unclear scopes, dysfunctional decisions, and cost and time overruns. Whether your project is just beginning or at an important transition point, we can help you:

  • Increase your financial returns
  • Control the dialog with stakeholders
  • Make your team more productive, innovative, and aligned
  • Reduce consulting dependencies and costs

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Built by executives, for executives.

Working with Oscar Munoz for more than two decades, Consequent was founded by executives with deep experience solving the organizational difficulties associated with leading high-stakes strategic initiatives. Partners Jack Bergstrand and Alan Kisling created Consequent after leading business transformation initiatives at The Coca-Cola Company when Jack was the company’s chief information officer and Alan was chief technology officer. Turnaround Time has now been integrated into Consequent’s approach to help people who want to turn their organizational dynamics from a barrier to an advantage.  Using Turnaround Time, Consequent can help you revolutionize the way you plan and implement your most important strategic initiatives.

Strati-Pro helps you operationalize Turnaround Time

Strati-Pro (SP) helps teams produce better solutions and achieve faster results with less organizational aggravation.  It helps individuals and cross-functional teams do this using the Turnaround Time Envision-Design-Build-Activate (EDBA) business transformation process.

You can establish your North Star using Strati-Pro to integrate and accelerate where to go and why in a clearly defined timeframe (Envision), what priorities to focus on (Design), how to achieve your priorities most productively (Build), and choosing the best person for each task (Activate).

Take Strati-Pro to improve your impact using insights on your personal preferences, potential blind spots, and most important priorities. Strati-Pro will help you align faster by using the Turnaround Time EDBA business transformation process.

Take the free, individual version of the Strati-Pro survey to learn more about yourself, the things that give you the most energy, and how you can best partner with others to be more successful!

Turnaround Time shows how to build a company culture based on values such as trust, empathy, humility and authenticity – which can transform a business and the world.

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Transform Your Culture

You can win with Turnaround Time.

Here’s how it works:

1. Meet

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Together we create a winning plan that will leverage the talent and expertise on your team.

3. Achieve

We’ll help your team stay on track to achieve your vision and deliver exceptional results.
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Why do Strategic Initiatives Fail? And what can be done about it? What you learn in these pages will help you improve every initiative you lead.
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Make change without chaos
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Turnaround Time

“Oscar Munoz saved United Airlines”

Sara Nelson, International President of the Association of Flight Attendants

A turnaround time is the heartbeat of the airline industry.  Turning around an aircraft and turning around an organization are very different challenges in most respects – except one:  It takes a united team to perform well. Now you can learn and operationalize the lessons in Oscar Munoz’ book Turnaround Time to turn your strategic initiatives into successful outcomes – better, faster and less expensively. Turnaround Time provides valuable insights for anyone facing a crisis, whether personal or professional, and shows how to turn adversity into an opportunity for growth, learning, and innovation.

Activate your leadership teams, develop better strategic plans, and execute more productively – to achieve your business transformation goals better, faster and cheaper.

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Find out what the top 1% know. What you learn in these pages will help you improve every initiative you lead.

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