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Some companies have a clear direction, but move too slowly. Others move quickly, but without knowing where they’re going. Consequent helps organizations achieve both speed and direction—the key to winning in today’s rapidly changing marketplace. How do we do this? By helping the right people across the company work together to figure out—and commit to—where they need to go and why; what key priorities should be and how to best implement them; and who will be responsible for which tasks. With Consequent as part of your team, you’ll find that you will get where you want to be—better and faster than ever before.

Playing to win

Create, design and implement better business strategies.

Strati-Pro - Action Planning (SP-AP)

Improve your communications and synergies across teams to improve cross-functional results.

Project Management Life Cycle (PMLC)

Implement your visions, priorities and projects better and faster.

Strategic Outcomes

Get better and faster strategies and implementations with Playing to Win and the Velocity Advantage – help your leaders collaborate to create winning visions, decide where (and where not) to focus, and determine what is needed to be successful.

Business Innovation

Connect the dots between where you intend to go and why, what needs to be done and when, as well as who (and how) to best do these things.

Cross-functional Management & Problem Solving

Provide a common vision and language across departments for an integrated view of ultimate outcomes and a shared motivation to succeed.

Business Transformation

Build upon your strengths by redirecting resources to better opportunities and assess which new capabilities are needed for success.

Project & Program Management

Get stakeholders aligned to move from your current state to the desired future state, while working collaboratively from beginning to end.

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The Velocity Advantage

The Velocity Advantage, by Consequent founder and CEO Jack Bergstrand, helps people achieve better and faster results with less effort and aggravation. It is the foundation for the work that Consequent does every day with its clients, built on the idea that big companies don’t beat small ones. Today, fast companies beat slow ones. Thirty-five years in the making, The Velocity Advantage is endorsed by board members and C-level executives of major corporations.