From A to Beyond

Consequent is the result of a 35-year journey by its founder to help large companies get better results with less aggravation, and to do so more systematically. Jack Bergstrand, who was the chief information officer of The Coca-Cola Company, launched the firm with a host of former top corporate executives—including the head of Greater Europe for Coca-Cola, CEO of global accounts for Ernst & Young, CIO of Kimberly-Clark, and Coca-Cola’s chief technology officer—and consultants from large firms such as Deloitte, Accenture, and EY. He is the author of The Velocity Advantage, which offers important insights to help cross-functional teams in large companies be more successful. Consequent’s highly experienced consultants integrate key ideas from hundreds of thought leaders. Leading companies recognize the firm’s ability to help large, knowledge-based companies implement key priorities better and faster.


Consequent was not created because the world needed another consulting firm. It was created because the world needs a better one. People who feel at home at Consequent are personable yet driven. We have confidence without being arrogant. We are entrepreneurial, yet grounded. We are a company of leaders, but we are eager to pitch in to help clients and one another with whatever it takes to succeed. Empathy is important, as our clients don’t have the luxury to change the business without also needing to run it. We respect our client’s time and aren’t intrusive.

People who thrive at Consequent are strong intellectually; have excellent verbal, written, and graphical communications skills; good executive presence; and deep experience in strategy, collaboration, and program management. If this describes you, Consequent may be the consulting firm you’ve been looking for.

Consequent isn’t for everyone, but it is for a select few:

  • People who have at least 10 years of large consulting-firm experience, but are tired of the old consulting model, believing it is too focused on generating the next piece of work and not enough on the job at hand.

  • Consultants who enjoy people. Doing excellent work is non-negotiable. So is building deep and lasting relationships with our clients and each other.

  • People who read The Velocity Advantage and say to themselves, “This is for me.” The principles in this book bind us—as a firm and with those we serve.

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