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Strategic technology initiatives always start with great vision.

But effectively executing on that vision is often a complex and challenging process.

Somewhere in the space between a great idea and its execution, there often lay a minefield of stakeholder disconnects. Various degrees of cross-functional and cross-organizational clarity and coordination often result in time, money, and effort being wasted. Talented employees who are the organization’s best future leaders are often hurt in the process.

Too many major technology initiatives underdeliver during user acceptance testing, leaving stakeholders disappointed and weakening the organization instead of strengthening it.


At Consequent, we help leaders make strategic changes better and faster.

Our proven approach systematically solves the problems that make strategic technology initiatives struggle.

We rapidly align teams of experts, lead stakeholders through complex challenges, manage through competing priorities and agendas, all so that you and your team have the tools they need to deliver better, faster, and more cost-effective results.


Achieve Better results with less aggravation.

Consequent was founded by executives who led complex changes in global organizations. Unlike other consulting firms, operating experience is in our company’s DNA. After being frustrated with the traditional consulting model as clients, Consequent developed a breakthrough approach for planning, implementing, and improving strategic initiatives requiring better tools and fewer consultants. This results in faster project completions at lower costs.

In business for more than 20 years, Consequent has helped senior executives plan and implement important strategic initiatives, including leaders from Coca-Cola, UPS, CNA Financial, SAP, and United Airlines. Focus areas have included major technology initiatives, organizational restructurings, corporate and divisional strategies, and integrating teams during mergers and acquisitions. Clients typically achieve 10X returns on their investments with us.

Leading corporations recognize Consequent’s ability to help large, knowledge-based companies implement key priorities better and faster.

For more than 20 years, we have helped senior executives plan and implement important strategic initiatives, including leaders from Coca-Cola, UPS, CNA Financial, SAP, and United Airlines.

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The Velocity Advantage

, Consequent Co-Founder


The Velocity Advantage is a practical guide for leaders seeking to achieve more productively and with less aggravation.

Consequent Co-Founder Jack Bergstrand draws on his extensive experience as a global executive and management consultant to share insights that led to Consequent’s groundbreaking consulting approach.

This book is packed with practical techniques for improving organizational collaboration and effectiveness in large organizations, and provides a roadmap for moving toward better, faster, and less expensive outcomes. By following the principles in this book you and your teams can win in the marketplace through better cross-functional innovation and collaboration.

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