Are you envisioning your goals?

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The power of visualization is real. Athletes use it. Oprah Winfrey uses it. Visualization is seeing, with your inner eye, what you want to achieve.
We recently shared how Upteaming – the first team coaching system for high growth teams – uses Envision-Design-Build-Activate (EDBA). We’re going to focus here on the first step of goal achievement, Envision.
In the spirit of visualization, write down your goal as an Envision statement: Where do you intend to go and why, in what timeframe? Then use your mind’s eye to see yourself achieving that.
This is a simple, yet critically important, way to start the goal achievement process.
The Envision step helps teams buy-in and align on a clear destination, purpose, and timeframe. It’s easy to overlook the timeframe, but it’s crucial to articulate it up front.
The essence of Envision is strategic and forward-looking. Some people especially like to do Envision-oriented work: 57% of the thousands of people who have taken the Strati-Pro survey most prefer Envision. Out of the 28 EDBA actionable inputs, the most preferred are brainstorming new ideas and thinking strategically, which are both Envision. People with high preference for Envision can be helpful when cocreating your goal’s Envision statement.
What’s the key to a good Envision statement? Keep it short – it should fit on a t-shirt. And omit jargon so anyone can understand it.
If you want to learn how to activate a proven goal achievement system, set up a five-minute call with us. We’re confident that you’ll find it valuable and if you book, we’ll send you an eBook version of The Velocity Advantage (which is the foundation for EDBA) as a gift.


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