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Are you playing to win?

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Strategy creation and strategic execution can be achieved much more productively and successfully. In only two weeks end-to-end, and requiring only one day for you and your cross-functional team to (virtually or in person) meet, it is now possible to co-create winning strategies that are execution-ready—at a fraction of the traditional cost.
Our accelerated Playing to Win process is an innovative approach, originally designed by Roger Martin (one of the preeminent management thinkers) and A.G. Lafley (former CEO of Procter and Gamble). Over the last several years, we’ve integrated Playing to Win with Strati-Pro to help a broad group of clients achieve a Velocity Advantage.
This recent Forbes article highlights how employee engagement is often the missing link between strategy and execution. We solve this problem by integrating employee engagement and change management up front. Our Strati-Pro Playing to Win approach is a collaborative, proven, and fun way to develop and execute winning strategies and strategic priorities.
Here’s what our clients have said about Strati-Pro Playing to Win:
Excellent process for strategic thinking and planning.” – EVP, United Airlines
This is one of the best approaches to brainstorming I’ve ever witnessed.” – VP, UPS
A wonderful exercise and time well spent. I feel like I walked away learning several new things while also forging deeper cross functional relationships.” SVP, CNA Financial
We enjoy helping people roll up their sleeves and collaborate to cocreate a strategy that not only works for them, but that they can immediately begin implementing. To make it as easy as possible, we’re offering a one-hour consultation, at no charge, to the first 10 people who reach out here. Simply reference this blog.  
If you have been frustrated by the time, cost, and academic nature of traditional strategy consulting, we’d love to meet with you about the Strati-Pro Playing to Win option.


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