Can Thanksgiving be a verb?

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Thanksgiving is a wonderful holiday, and the perfect time for personal reflection and giving thanks. As a company, our firm has a lot to be thankful for. We have been able to weather the COVID storm and also expand our impact with the social, commercial, and technology sectors. We owe so much to so many.

Throughout this year we have worked with a large number of people and have seen the depth and breadth of human needs even more clearly. Not only in the social sector, but across the board. This Thanksgiving, perhaps more than any other Thanksgiving in our lifetimes, the magnitude of the needs point to not only thinking about giving thanks, but to turning this holiday into a verb—through thankful giving.

Giving does not need to be financial. Gratitude can also be in the form of kindness and help of many kinds. Focused both on people’s immediate needs as well as needs that are more systemic in nature.

Equity versus equality is one of the systemic needs that has come to the forefront this year through the Black Lives Matter movement, and while the nation has become more aware, the road is steep and commitment needed immense. 

Imagine if we could turn Thanksgiving into a verb. Even if it is not possible to write a check to a worthy cause, we can all “thankfully give” in addition to “giving thanks” by giving of ourselves and collectively giving greater attention to systemic social needs.

Happy Thanksgiving and best wishes for a love-filled holiday!


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