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Conventional Strategic Planning is outdated

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The strategy model is broken and why this is a problem

Conventional strategic planning engagements take too long, cost too much, and are too hard to execute in today’s knowledge-based companies.

The economic foundation of strategy firms is analysis paralysis. Large consulting firms charge millions of dollars over several months for their strategic plans because their economic models depend upon many hours of upfront analysis from teams of junior-level consultants. These consulting costs are worse than they look because consultants require significant amounts of client time as they package data and validate all their inputs and conclusions.

Boiling the ocean is expensive and ineffective. To “boil the ocean,” is to increase the scope of analysis until it is practically impossible to accomplish the originally envisioned goal. This results in extended time frames and high price tags, with each single junior consultant — typically a recent college or business school graduate — costing clients around $67,500 per week.

Reach your goals at less than half the time and cost

The traditional strategic planning model can be replaced through three steps: (1) Use the Playing to Win process to immediately develop and operationalize your strategies, (2) Use expert facilitation to improve the speed and quality of your inputs and outputs, and (3) Analyze data to fill in gaps as needed, not to figure out the best answer up front.

Millions of dollars can be made and lost

Millions of dollars can be saved (e.g. internal and consulting costs) and earned (e.g. shorter timeframes to value realization) by reinventing strategic planning.

How to make the change

The conventional strategic planning model was designed for the industrial age. Playing to Win, with a consulting focus on knowledge work productivity through expert facilitation, can save you time and money and greatly improve your speed of execution with strategic initiatives.

It’s easy to get started. Email Dorothy Vollmer at for a free consultation on how you can revolutionize your strategic planning and execution, with results guaranteed.


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