Design your priorities for future success

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Last week we shared how clients work together to determine a common direction, purpose, and the time frame to get there. The next step – Design – is to establish the fewest, most important priorities needed to be successful. 
Design in projects: prioritized actions to achieve your vision

Armed with a well-written Envision statement, leaders are ready for Design, the next Velocity Advantage. They collaborate to decide “What needs to happen When, to get us there?” Success in Design is determined by articulating a few prioritized steps – our clients usually find that three priorities works best.

In Design, be wary of creating a list of new projects to start before first considering what you are already doing that could be stopped. In fact, it is best to ask three simple questions in this sequence, “what should I stop doing, what should I build upon, and then what should I start doing?”

Design in people: objective planning of effort

Some people are naturally data-driven and detail oriented. The Strati-Pro survey can identify Design people and Strati-Pro collaborative planning sessions can effectively engage them. People with strong Design preference usually feel energized when creating detailed plans, establishing clear measures, or analyzing situations. On the other hand, they often don’t get excited about touchy-feely interactions or having to change course spontaneously.  

Discover your personal Velocity Advantage

The Strati-Pro survey helps people activate the Velocity Advantage by rapidly understanding how to rapidly plan and implement important cross-functional initiatives with success, as well as get personal insights. We’re offering the individual version of Strati-Pro survey (there is a group version for teams) at no cost during the month of May. The survey usually takes 5-10 minutes to complete and we will quickly send your personal results.

Next week, we will describe the Build step in the Velocity Advantage. Take care and stay healthy.

André Duval is a Consultant and Senior Director at Consequent. André is a Design person and enjoys turning chaos into order by identifying the most important steps in a project and building effective plans.


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