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How to increase your velocity in volatile times

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Even in difficult circumstances, our clients succeed at implementing successful initiatives. Here’s how they do it.
Integrate human dynamics with technical discipline

Winning project teams – versus less successful ones – are able to proactively manage human dynamics so that politics don’t undermine the need for proven program management routines. They understand, and even capitalize on, the fact that every person is wired to solve similar problems differently.

Collaboratively get on the same page and head in a single direction

For more than 25 years we have studied how cross-functional teams make complex initiatives succeed.  And, what causes them to fail. This work is the subject of the book The Velocity Advantage.

The Strati-Pro survey, as part of The Velocity Advantage, helps people understand how they–and their teams–are wired and how to apply that knowledge to plan and implement important priorities.

The process is simple to understand and implement

Strati-Pro brings the Velocity Advantage process to life. It has helped thousands of people quickly establish and implement: (1) Where to go and why, in a given time frame (Envision), (2) What to therefore need to do and when (Design), (3) How to best implement those priorities (Build), and (4) Who is best to oversee each implementation step (Activate).

Try Strati-Pro free for a limited time

We will dive deeper into important Velocity Advantage insights from our clients in a series of blogs. In the meantime, please feel free to take the individual version of the Strati-Pro survey at no cost. We will quickly send you your personal results to help you increase your own velocity advantage.


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