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If you build it, it will come

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In the film Field of Dreams, farmer Ray walks his cornfields and hears, “If you build it, he will come.” This whispered message propels Ray to fulfill his vision of building a baseball diamond, which we can think of as his goal. Having a goal or an idea is one thing. Achieving it is what matters. As John Doerr says, “Ideas are easy. Execution is everything.
In our last two blogs, we covered how to create a good Envision statement, in the Velocity Advantage Envision-Design-Build-Activate (EDBA) goal achievement process, and how to set your Design priorities. The third step in EDBA is Build, or how to best implement the things you decided you need to do to achieve your Envision statement.
The Build step centers on implementation – the roll-up-your-sleeves-and-get-the-work-done part of goal achievement. Once your priorities are set in Design, the Build step helps you define the actions you need to take.
Build plays a crucial role in achieving any goal. Yet few people love implementation: only 14% of the thousands of people who have taken Strati-Pro most prefer Build. People’s least favorite Strati-Pro actionable input is Following Standard Processes, which is in the Build area (the most preferred is Thinking Strategically, an Envision actionable input).
Awareness of the low energy in Build helps to manage the EDBA process and keeping goals moving forward to achievement. Another tip is to seek out people who do enjoy Build and doing things like implementing projects or using step-by-step methods.
How can you find Build people? The Strati-Pro survey helps people discover where their energy lies, which actionable inputs they like the most (and least), and how to use these insights. If you’re curious about this, send us an email at or set up a five-minute call with us.


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