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Meet Mark, a Thinking Operator

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Mark has been a VP at a Fortune 100 company for three years (and aspires to eventually become an EVP). He leads a 500+ person marketing organization, with over a dozen leaders reporting directly to him.

Recently, the executive team decided the company needs to its transform digital marketing. The CMO is the executive sponsor and has put Mark in charge to oversee the initiative. The problem is, Mark doesn’t know what the executive team is looking for and as he talks with each of them, he realizes they have different ideas of what success looks like.

Thankfully, Mark knows about a solution, called Strati-Pro®. Mark’s boss from his previous company used Strati-Pro and Mark recalls how it helped them accelerate a complex, critical strategic initiative to success.

A Thinking Operator’s approach

Because Mark knows from his past job that he is a Thinking Operator, he knows where he is best suited to lead and where someone else is likely to have better results than he will. He believes Strati-Pro® will help this large, enterprise-wide, digital marketing transformation initiative and that suggesting it to the E-team as a proven way to trim time and costs (while getting the added benefit of learning how people are wired for work) will help everyone win.

Mark leans into his preferences and creates a visionary picture for the E-team around how this initiative can be different (and without using expensive consultants or going in circles trying to implement internally). He taps into his energy for analytical and objective work and includes some facts and figures to back up his case. He also uses his preference for working with people and includes others in the process and presentation, which maximizes buy-in.

Since Mark is aware that he is not inclined to dig into how to specifically do things, he includes a project manager, who gets energy from doing precisely that, in the presentation to the E-team.

Preference awareness awards an advantage

Mark successfully proposed to his CMO to use Strati-Pro® to kick of the digital marketing transformation initiative. His trust in his own strengths (i.e. preferences) helped him communicate the benefits, while stimulating curiosity around how other people in the company are wired. Currently, Mark is leading the initiative, which is ahead of schedule and with costs under control, and is engaging his team at the right time, for the right things, based on Strati-Pro®.
We’ve helped hundreds of executives like Mark at companies like United Airlines, UPS, CNA Financial, and SAP. If completing things faster, and at lower costs (without an army of consultants or frustrated employees) appeals to you, then please reach out to me at and let’s a have a quick call.


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