Meet an Active Designer: Brandon

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Brandon, a CTO at a Fortune 100 company, is responsible the entire technology practice at a fortune 500 company.  Recently, the board of directors has decided they want to implement a new enterprise system and Brandon is responsible for delivering it.

Brandon and his team must work through the details of this complex strategic initiative, all while honoring the vision the board has set forth for the technology department and the company overall.

Brandon is bought into the vision the board has communicated, he’s good at laying out the project details and working with his teams, however planning is not his strongest suit.  He tends to jump right from the vision to the details, without thinking through the critical planning steps.

This is a critical strategic initiative for the company, for Brandon, and for his team. They are under massive pressure to have this succeed while managing the day-to-day operations of the technology department. It’s a tall order.  

Brandon is worried that his lack of skill in the planning department might leave big gaps in the project’s implementation. He is aware he needs expertise.

Enter Strati-Pro

Brandon has a secret weapon. He uses Strati-Pro to gain a understanding of his personal preferences, the preferences of his executive team, as well as those of his project team. 

Brandon is an Active Visionary, which means he gets energy from big picture strategy, project management, and working with his team, but lacks energy for detailed planning and analysis.  He knows that this project relies on that missing skill set ­­­– it’s critical to get that part correct and Brandon needs to fill that gap.

This awareness leads him to make several decisions about how to allocate responsibilities among his senior team.  He chooses a few trusted people that he knows have a strong preference for analytics and planning and he puts them in critical strategic positions for the implementation. He also knows this will give them opportunities to shine in front of the executive board. It’s an opportunity to help develop the careers of his team.   

Utilizing your team’s strengths and understanding where there are gaps are critical to successful project implementation.  It’s also critical to managing your people and helping them reach their long-term professional goals.  

Brandon has leaned into this philosophy. Armed with this knowledge and the implementation plan his team co-created during their Strati-Pro engagement, he is confident the project will proceed smoothly.

We’ve helped executives just like Brandon set their teams up for success, and if you’d like to learn more about how understanding your team can help you deliver projects faster, without legions of expensive consultants, drop me an email at and let’s talk about it.


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