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Arya was just named the leader of her company’s newest product launch and is responsible for the strategic initiative end-to-end – including business process changes, technology implementations, and the logistics of the launch.  She has a large team to manage with several matrixed dependencies on many other cross-functional organizations within the company.

With her team, Arya must navigate the details of this complex strategic initiative to meet the expectations of the leadership team.
Thankfully, Arya is bought into the vision for the launch. She is agood at laying out the project details and working with her teams.  The executive sponsor selected Arya to lead this effort in part because she is good at many different things and has a good track record.

The pressure to succeed is intense. Arya and her team must execute on this complex initiative, while avoiding disrupting the day-to-day operations of the company in the process. The level of difficulty is significant and the stakes are high.  

Arya is worried that any disconnects within her team could lead to delays and unaffordable re-work – causing the team to miss the incredibly important launch window.

Arya has an advantage

With the right tools at her side, Arya is confident she will be successful. She uses Strati-Pro to understand her personal preferences, her team’s preferences, as well as those of cross-functional leaders affected by the new product launch. 

Arya is a Holistic Worker, which means she gets energy from big picture strategy, planning, implementation / project management, and working with people. However, she can get caught up in the “whack a mole” process of being unable to sequence work for best results and dealing with the “issue of the day” all the time.

Knowing preferences influenced several decisions about how to best manage the new product launch.  She engages the people who are big-picture oriented to help define the where, why, and time frame of the initiative. Arya then works with those on her team who enjoy planning to ensure the launch plan is agile and flexible yet focused on results. She assigns members of her team who get energy from implementation and project management to focus on those areas.  Finally, she works with those on her team that like to interact with people to work with the business cross-functional leaders to help ensure successful execution across the business.   
Getting the right people in the right roles can have a tremendous positive impact on the outcome of strategic initiatives and Strati-Pro gives Arya a tool to use to make success a reality.

We’ve helped executives just like Arya set their teams up for success, and if you’d like to learn more about how understanding your team can help you deliver projects faster, without legions of expensive consultants, send me an email at and let’s talk about it – we’d love to help you be just as successful as Arya!


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