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Have you ever worked on something, and its success depended on you as well as others? Most important goals, or projects, require action from many people. And, teams often struggle with the implementation processes that are needed for their success.
Over the past few months, we’ve spotlighted each step in The Velocity Advantage EDBA (Envision-Design-Build-Activate) goal achievement system. We started with Envision, then moved to Design, before exploring Build. The most people-oriented step is: Activatewho does what (and when).
Helen Keller said, “Alone we can do so little, together we can do so much.” This is true when achieving every important goal. In Activate, the right people need to pair with the right task, at the right time. This step brings the important “to-dos” teams set in Build to life – and makes goal achievement real.
To thrive in Activate, get specific about who is best qualified and most motivated for what needs to happen and when. This means having a clear and motivated owner – and date – for every Build task. It sounds simple. Yet human underperforming teams often don’t  do this and assume people know who is doing what.
When it comes to Activate-oriented work, 41% of the thousands of people who take the Strati-Pro goal achievement survey prefer Activate-oriented characteristics like coaching and relating to others to help them succeed. Four of the top 10 EDBA goal achievement characteristics are in the Activate area. Chances are, you work with several Activate-oriented people and knowing how to capitalize on this can be immensely helpful.
If you’re curious to know if you or your team is wired to Activate, we can help you get answers. Send us an email at or click here to set up a short call. In return, after we speak, for the first 10 meetings between now and June 15, we’ll donate $150 to your favorite charity as a thank you.


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