2021 Goals

Reflecting on Your Goals: Past, Present and Future

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2021 is halfway over – how are your New Year’s goals faring?

In our last four blogs, we’ve outlined The Velocity Advantage Envision, Design, Build and Activate (EDBA) and how each of these steps independently, and in concert, help individuals and teams achieve their goals.

As we move into the second half of 2021, it may be helpful to reflect on a few questions:
  • What are the barriers (if there are any) to your success?  
  • Are there any changes that can help you stay on course – or correct course?  
  • How has the pandemic affected how your team operates and achieves goals?
Reflecting on how far you’ve progressed the first half of 2021 and where you want to go in the second half can help you reorient your teams towards the most important priorities needed to achieve your goals. The EDBA framework is a good way to start that conversation.

Envision: Are you clearly visualizing your goals?  Do you have a specific timeframe?
Design:  Are you setting specific priorities and  timelines to achieve your goals?
Build: Have you defined the actions needed to achieve your priorities?
Activate:  Have you put specific people in specific positions to get the work done with enthusiasm?

The middle of each year is a great time to take stock of how far you’ve come and where adjustment is needed to stay on course. 

If you want to talk through your goals and challenges at no charge, send an email to dvollmer@cnsqnt.com to setup a 15-minute goal achievement strategy call.  We would love to brainstorm with you!


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