Setting team goals is easy. Achieving them is everything.

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With each new year comes the need for new goals.  It is an exciting time with many possibilities to be realized. One way to supercharge this is to know and activate your potential as a team. To turn latent energy into successful outcomes. If you know how you and your team get energy, and what may drag you down, you’ll have more success achieving your goals.

Building on John Doerr’s insight that “1. Ideas are easy. 2. Execution is everything," Upteaming founder Ben Baldwin uses the Upteaming process to help teams consistently and systematically achieve their goals.

There are hundreds of goal setting systems yet nothing for goal achievement (i.e. execution). Why is this? Because execution is hard. Here is the secret sauce:
  • To successfully achieve team goals, the first step is get crystal clear about where you intend to go and why, in a set timeframe (this is the Envision step). 
  • The second step (Design) is to identify the top three priorities needed to get there: this is what needs to be done and when, focused on the actionable inputs within your team’s control. 
  • The third step (Build) is to construct the easiest way possible for how to implement those priorities, including, activated by the fourth step (Activate), giving power to who does what and when.
These four goal achievement steps are a proven way turn your frustration into the great feeling that comes with successful personal and team goal achievement. See for yourself in only five minutes: take the Strati-Pro survey and see how your own behavior influences or holds you back from successful goal achievement.


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