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Strati-Pro Series: Spotlight on Strategic Connectors

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Human dynamics make or break strategic initiatives

Every person is wired to solve problems in their own unique way. This affects how we work and interact with others. The problem is that without visibility into how we prefer to work, teams (especially cross-functional teams) often churn and struggle to complete strategic initiatives.

At Consequent, we’ve developed a survey tool that makes work preferences visible and ties to a simple and proven execution framework guaranteed to accelerate the success of strategic initiatives. We’ve identified 15 “types,” each with unique strengths. Over the next few blogs, we’ll shine a spotlight on the most common types, starting with “Strategic Connectors.”

Many executives are Strategic Connectors

Over the last 15 years, several thousand people, including many corporate leaders, have taken our survey to discover where they and their colleagues get (and don’t get) their energy when it comes to executing initiatives.

Almost 30% of survey-takers are “Strategic Connectors.” This means many executives get fired up about things like strategy and connecting with people, but lose interest in things like prioritizing, creating rules, or implementing standard procedures. Strategic Connectors may tend to have an idea for an initiative and toss if off to someone, without being clear themselves on the vision. When this happens, the chance of success has already dropped.

Strategic Connectors can gain a lot by recognizing the things they don’t enjoy and tapping into strengths like setting and communicating visionary destinations and leveraging their natural wiring to work through people, to help the people who do enjoy things like planning and processes understand the big picture. They can also be more effecive (and work with more enjoyment) when they can team and collaborate with people who get energy in the things they do not.

We can help you and your team discover your preferences

At Consequent, we’re obsessed with helping your strategic initiatives succeed. Understanding how you and your teammates are wired to work provides a massive strategic advantage. If you’d like to learn more about how we’ve helped clients like Coca-Cola, UPS, CNA Financial, United Airlines, and Elevance Health achieve this advantage, please send me an email at And please look out for our next blog, which highlights a specific Strategic Connector.


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