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Strategy is execution

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The problem:

When strategy is separated from execution both will underdeliver (and not for lack of effort or investment).

Strategic failure is common, with rates as high as 90%. The most recent global McKinsey survey showed that only 26% of executives have considered their organization’s strategic transformations to be successful. These are painful statistics given the money, time, and energy spent on strategy development and transformation initiatives.

Why do so many strategies fail? Strategy is not an intellectual exercise. If decoupled from execution, it only benefits the consultants.

The solution:

For strategic execution to succeed, change management needs to be built in upfront. To do this, key people need to play a different role. Instead of strategy preceding execution, execution needs to drive which strategic options are chosen.

What can be won and lost?

Well-executed strategies are needed for companies to win in today’s rapidly changing environments. Winning is fun. Conversely, academic strategic exercises are bad for morale and cost too much money.

How can things be done differently?

You can turn strategic execution into a core competency. Strati-Pro and Playing to Win help to operationalize strategic execution quickly. We guarantee increased speed, decreased costs, and improved results.

What to do next?

Email Dorothy Vollmer at for a free consultation on how you can revolutionize your strategic execution, with guaranteed results.


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