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Strati-Pro series: Spotlight on Holistic Workers

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As the last part of this Strati-Pro series we highlight the Holistic Worker.

Since every person has their own set of personal preferences, how we work in teams on strategic technology initiatives can get complicated if we don’t understand ourselves and each other.

The problem with not knowing your and your team’s work and thinking preferences is that you can end up with people working on the wrong things.

The solution is straightforward and simply requires some reflection – on yourself and your team – using the Strati-Pro survey to help you all understand what you like (and don’t like so much) to do, when it comes to work.

Many leaders are Holistic Workers

Over the last 15 years, several thousand people have taken our Strati-Pro survey to discover their and their team’s preferences when executing strategic technology initiatives and 13% are Holistic Workers (Strati-Pro produces 15 possible types).

Holistic Workers often thrive on solving problems through their strategic, analytical, process, and interpersonal abilities. They tend to be well-rounded but also tend to be inconsistent from one interaction to the next, as they try to solve problems as they arise.

Holistic Workers may jump right into tackling something without fleshing out the idea or fully understanding the problem and the very few top priorities that will solve it. Holistic Workers often bounce around in a way that may frustrate them and people they work with.

Holistic Workers can gain a lot by recognizing the specific things they don’t enjoy and teaming with those who get energy in things they don’t. Their biggest lever, though, is to focus on sequencing things in a way that will increase their odds of success by first determining where they want to go and why, with a defined time frame. Then, choose the top three priorities to get them there. From there the next steps are to decide how best to do only those priorities and who needs to be responsible for what. 

Following this sequence can help Holistic Workers avoid inconsistency in their work.

Finding out your and your team’s preferences is easy

We created Strati-Pro to solve the human challenges that arise when executing strategic technology initiatives. We’re obsessed with helping our customers succeed.

If you would like to learn more about how we have helped clients like Coca-Cola, UPS, CNA Financial, United Airlines, and Elevance Health achieve this advantage, please send me an email at akisling@cnsqnt.com.


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