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In our last post, we shared how our clients determine how to implement their most important priorities, in order to achieve their vision. The last step is to decide who the right people are to ensure that happens.

Activate in projects: the foundation for success

To achieve a Velocity Advantage, cross-functional leaders determine who should do what in Activate, the final step in successful implementations. They work together to figure out the best person to oversee each step defined in Build, so that there is clear responsibility.

Often people are tempted to assign a “committee” rather than one single individual. Getting a single name, with a date, for every task is a critical ingredient for success. That person doesn’t have to do all the work but needs to be able to make sure everything is completed. The Activate step is where the rubber meets the road.

Activate in people: the catalyst for human potential

Some people easily connect with others and see personal interactions as a part of life. The Strati-Pro survey can identify Activate people and Strati-Pro collaborative planning sessions are a natural fit for them. People with strong Activate characteristics usually get a lot of energy from building relationships, supporting and coaching others, and communicating. They tend to be helpful in influencing others and rallying teams and don’t often get too excited about analysis or planning details.

Discover your personal Velocity Advantage

The Strati-Pro survey helps people activate the Velocity Advantage by rapidly understanding how to plan and implement important projects successfully, and at the same time get insights into personal areas of strength. There is an individual and group version, and we’re offering the individual version of Strati-Pro survey at no cost for a limited time. It takes most people 5-10 minutes to complete and we will quickly send you your personal results.

Next week, we will wrap up the Velocity Advantage series with some direct insights from our clients. We hope you are staying healthy and enjoying some Spring sunshine, wherever you are.

Dorothy Vollmer leads Strati-Pro at Consequent. Dorothy is an Activate person who enjoys bringing things to life through people, collaborating, and connecting with others.


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