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Teams can achieve what they Envision together

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Last week we shared how our clients implement their most successful initiatives. Their first step always includes deliberately cocreating shared visions for specific results.

Envision in projects: the foundation for success

When cross-functional experts achieve a Velocity Advantage they start with the Envision step. They integrate individual and group insights to cocreate single “Envision statements,” including (1) where they intend to go, (2) why this is important, and (3) when the outcome needs to be finished.

This sounds simple, but it is not a natural cross-functional act. Successful Envision statements require personal reflection, teaching and learning from one another, and active facilitation. Through the Envision step otherwise siloed experts are able to rapidly educate their way to convergence.

Envision in people: the human catalyst for change

Some people are more visionary, by nature, than others. They can be identified through the Strati-Pro survey and productively engaged in Strati-Pro collaborative planning sessions. People with strong Envision characteristics usually get a lot of energy from thinking strategically, seeing the big picture, and creating a visionary destination. They tend to be a big help in visioning and ideation work, and typically don’t get very excited about the implementation mechanics.

Discover your personal Velocity Advantage

The Strati-Pro survey helps people activate the Velocity Advantage by rapidly understanding how to be super successful when planning and implementing important cross-functional initiatives. There is an individual and group version, and we’re offering the individual version of Strati-Pro survey at no cost during the month of May. It takes most people 5-10 minutes to complete and we will quickly send you your personal results.

Next week, we will describe the Design step in the Velocity Advantage. In the meantime, we hope you stay healthy (and happy) in these very unusual times.


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