Teams that create together need to build together

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Last week, we described how our clients establish a few clear priorities in Design to achieve their Envision statement. The third step – Build – is to figure out how to best implement those priorities.

Build in projects: the implementation blueprint

Once a team has determined an Envision statement and identified their Design priorities, they need to determine how to do only those things in order to achieve a Velocity Advantage. Build is where priorities take shape in an actionable way.

Our research shows that Build is often the biggest blind spot among executives. While executives understand that implementation is important, the leadership of projects, processes, systems, and structure often gets abdicated instead of delegated.  Teams can avoid this pitfall by putting appropriate attention on these critical Build functions and making sure they are integrated in sequence with Envision, Design, and Activate.  

Build in people: practical and precise leadership

Build people tend to be systematic and orderly by nature. They can be identified through the Strati-Pro survey and productively engaged in Strati-Pro collaborative planning sessions. People with strong Build characteristics usually get energy from implementing complex projects, following standard processes, and integration. They tend to be practical and good at turning priorities into repeatable processes, and not get too excited by visioning and abstract thinking.

Discover your personal Velocity Advantage

The Strati-Pro survey helps people activate the Velocity Advantage by rapidly understanding how to be super successful when planning and implementing important cross-functional initiatives, while also getting personal insights. We continue to offer the individual version of Strati-Pro survey at no cost. Strati-Pro usually takes 5-10 minutes to complete and we will quickly send you your personal results.

Next week, we will describe the final step in the Velocity Advantage: Activate. Until then, we hope health and happiness are with you.

Katie Arabis is the Director of Operations at Consequent.  Katie has a strong Build preference and gets energy from processes, project delivery, and operational efficiency. 


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