Using the Velocity Advantage: from the page to practice

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Over the past five weeks, we’ve shared how our clients successfully plan and implement their initiatives. They do this by following the Velocity Advantage Envision-Design-Build-Activate (EDBA) process to figure out:

(1) Where to go and why, in a given time frame (Envision),
(2) What they therefore need to do and when (Design),
(3) How to best implement those priorities (Build), and
(4) Who is best to oversee each implementation step (Activate)

This simple, easy process gets people on the same page and headed in a single direction, so that they can enjoy greater success.

Strati-Pro gives you a personal Velocity Advantage

Strati-Pro, which is based on EDBA, integrates important project management fundamentals with the critical human dynamics that make or break project implementations.

Strati-Pro has three parts: (1) the Strati-Pro survey, (2) the Strati-Pro session, and (3) the Strati-Pro project management lifecycle.

Collaboration works best when people are on the same page

Here’s what a few people said after a recent collaborative virtual Strati-Pro session:

Many different perspectives and people from very different fields came together to develop a shared vision and strategies, and it was all accomplished fairly easily. It was a huge benefit to have those wide-ranging perspectives”
“The Strati-Pro session brought our team together around a single vital task. The work gave me confidence we will succeed”
“The virtual session was highly focused, collaborative, and hands-on despite having a meeting with 20 people from across the world”
Take the Strati-Pro survey for free

As we close out the Velocity Advantage blog series, we invite you take the individual Strati-Pro survey for free. We’ll email you your results and a short explainer video to help you capitalize on your personal velocity advantage. Our hope is that you can use the Velocity Advantage and Strati-Pro to make a positive difference in your work and life.


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