Strategy & Execution

Strategic technology initiatives always start with a great vision. But effectively executing on that vision can be a complex and challenging process.

We help large organizations rapidly develop actionable strategic plans, make project management more effective, and achieve your transformation goals better, faster, and cheaper.

Achieve greater strategic innovation

Eliminate the gaps and duplications that often drain a project’s resources.

Improve creativity across functions and divisions

Learn an accelerated, repeatable process from ideas to outcomes.

Develop leaders through collaboration and coaching

Foster effective collaboration across your entire organization


Optimize organizational dynamics and get everyone on the same page quickly.

Consequent partners with executive leaders, providing the framework, coaching, and leadership support to effectively collaborate cross-functionally.

This results in better outcomes through shared visions, plans, and execution steps – where everyone embraces the same destination, shares the same priorities, and works together to achieve your outcomes better, faster, and cheaper.

Why are failure rates so high?

Are strategic technology initiatives designed to fail?

Traditional strategic planning, alignment and change management models leave companies struggling during critical initiatives.

Winning results require higher cross-functional productivity. The traditional silo-oriented management techniques are not good enough.

The unfortunate truth:

Silos that are efficient for running a business don’t work well when cross-silo collaboration is required.

While technical experts do a good job of focusing on the technology, organizational change struggles due to outdated approaches.

Leaders are often reluctant to put their careers on the line when needing to push back on established organizational practices.

Organizations often generate a lot of great ideas but have relatively few successful implementations to show for it.

Key people always have a lot on their plates. There are always fires to put out and too many meetings to attend. This often squeezes out important priorities.

There is an easier and better way.

At Consequent, we help diverse teams of experts communicate more productively, improve their abilities to focus on the most important priorities, and better navigate important decisions and tradeoffs.


Achieve winning results without bringing in hordes of consultants.

Often, external consultants are brought in to help establish business requirements, do strategic planning and manage strategic initiatives. But having too many consultants can often be both costly and disruptive.

Our light-touch consulting approach is a proven, effective alternative to traditional consulting models, or running critical initiatives in-house.

With more than 20 years’ experience leading strategic technology initiatives, we help clients remove obstacles and accelerate deliverables. Our expert teams quickly gets everyone on the same page with a clear vision, shared priorities, productive project plans, to successfully execute deliverables.

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Unlock better outcomes.

Playing to Win

Strategic Planning

Cocreate a winning strategic plan ready to be implemented.

In a fraction of the time and at a much lower cost, we can help your leaders rapidly create a winning vision, choose where to focus efforts (and not to), and articulate the capabilities and management systems that will ensure success.


Action Planning

Benefit from the fastest way to co-create better solutions and action plans and execute them immediately.

Strati-Pro is specially designed to help cross-functional experts rapidly integrate their thinking and co-create project plans, with execution and change management built-in up front.


Project Management Lifecycle

Improve project management with Agile or Waterfall methods.

Even the best plans will struggle if not implemented well organizationally. Using our proprietary process, we help teams avoid the pitfalls that cause so many big projects to fail.

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Find out what the top 1% know.

Why do Strategic Initiatives Fail? And what can be done about it?

Consequent has helped successful leaders plan and execute strategic technology initiatives for more than 20 years.

What you learn in these pages will help you improve every initiative you lead.

Achieve a greater ROI with each initiative you lead
Enjoy a track record of success
Make change without chaos
10X your consulting returns
Here is your guide to super successful strategic initiatives:

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Find out what the top 1% know. What you learn in these pages will help you improve every initiative you lead.

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