Turn struggling initiatives into major successes.

Steve caught the early warning signs of a major digital transformation initiative that wasn’t on track.

Consulting investment generated an ROI of more than 200%


Saved the company over $180MM in capital and operating costs.


Reduced capital expenses by $115MM compared to the $404MM estimate.


How this CFO turned a struggling digital transformation into a major success

Large-scale technology transformation projects often cost more than twice as much than their original estimate. When this happens, people start to lose confidence, and projects falter. That’s exactly why Steve*, the CFO of a Fortune 150 company, used Consequent. As the executive sponsor of an technology-enabled business transformation project, Steve saw some early warning signs that the team wasn’t on track. He wanted to turn his initiative around quickly, avoiding costly delays in the process.

How we helped Steve turn around his strategic initiative in just 12 weeks:

First we assessed Steve’s initiative with Consequent’s rapid assessment system. We tapped into his team’s experience on the ground to produce a winning plan with his team’s buy-in in under 4 weeks. Next, we worked with Steve’s team to implement changes, including restructuring governance and decision-making processes so the initiative would be free from organizational bottlenecks. Redefining roles alone helped the project reduce costs by $200K/day. Finally, we supported the new project lead to help her keep the initiative on course and avoid costly mistakes.

Did it work? See for yourself.

Steve’s investment in Consequent’s consulting generated an ROI of more than 200x. It: ● Saved the company over $180MM in capital and operating costs. ● Cut the project burn rate in half from $400K/day down to $200K/day. ● Reduced capital expenses by $115MM compared to the $404MM estimate. At the end of the 12-week engagement, we helped Steve put in place a program to build core competencies internally, ensuring his team could achieve business benefits faster in every subsequent initiative. Steve’s decision to hire Consequent helped him achieve the results he was intended to deliver. *Steve isn’t the CFO’s real name, though the case study is real. Maybe it’s time to improve your results, too.
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