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Use Turnaround Time to Change More Productively


Create Smarter Plans to Reach Your Goals.

In a short period of time, we can help your leaders create action plans to execute your strategic visions.

Traditional strategic planning consulting, which often costs millions of dollars and takes months to complete, certainly has its place. But Consequent’s application of the “Playing to Win” framework, developed by former Procter & Gamble CEO A.G. Lafley and the renowned management expert Roger Martin, is a much better and faster strategy development process.

In a short period of time, we can help your leaders create a winning vision, choose where to focus your efforts (and where not to), and figure out the capabilities and management systems required to be successful. What’s more, by the time it’s complete, your strategy will be ready to be implemented by the very people who created it.

With Consequent’s approach to collaborative strategic planning, you won’t just develop a presentation; you will cocreate a winning action plan that is ready to be implemented.


Collaborate better across your functions.

Create and execute your cross-functional vision for success.

Almost every business priority requires cross-functional execution and an integrated implementation process. Unfortunately, cross-functional initiatives fail to meet their objectives 70% of the time. Why? Often, the wrong people are involved, there is not a shared vision for success, and different departments don’t speak a common language. Furthermore, unproductive meetings take the place of actual work, it’s unclear who has the authority to make decisions, and project managers become disconnected from organizational stakeholders.

At Consequent, we can help you benefit from a shared cross-functional language, cocreate key priorities, establish an integrated plan for success, and then prioritize and productively execute your next steps. This results in better outcomes and produce project teams that are responsible, accountable—and highly motivated to succeed.


Work better together

from beginning to end.

Most corporate projects are run using “traditional approaches”—project management principles that worked well in the non-digital age but fail to deliver fast enough results today. Yet because traditional project management consulting approaches are so deeply ingrained in the conventional approach, organizations keep trying to make it work anyway.

This results in projects that are too complex, take too long, cost too much, and fail a high percentage of the time. At Consequent, our project execution consulting services offer a better way—one that gets stakeholders on the same page, headed in a single direction, and working better together from beginning to end.

The Turnaround Time Project Management Lifecycle greatly simplifies and accelerates the project management tasks that typically turn into bureaucratic overhead.  This helps project leaders and teams achieve successful outcomes better and faster than conventional approaches.


Transform your business by activating your strengths.

For many consulting firms, “business transformation” has come to mean downsizing. But cost-cutting on the backs of employees doesn’t always transform a company just as squeezing into smaller clothes doesn’t make us more fit. True business transformation does not begin with costs; it starts with desired outcomes in the marketplace—and then productively aligns resources and actions accordingly.

At Consequent, our Turnaround Time business transformation tools will help you take a more integrated approach to your strategy to implement your transformation plan.

We help you determine:

  • which activities should be stopped so that you can redirect resources,
  • which areas of strength can be built upon, and
  • what new capabilities are needed to be successful.

Integrating these three sets of choices—and implementing them productively—will help you strategically transform your business the right way—cultivating trust with your employees instead of alienating them.


Turn your teams into world class innovators.

Innovation in large companies is often unsuccessful, generating interesting ideas that don’t actually get implemented or—worse—hundreds of misaligned projects that absorb resources but with results that never see the light of day.

Successful business innovation requires cross-functional teams that connect the dots between where they intend to go and why, what to do and when, how to best do those things, and who will be responsible for—and motivated to achieve—each step.

At Consequent, our Turnaround Time consulting approach will help you strategically create and execute your best innovations, choose the right people to work on them, and establish the most productive plans, processes, and structures to successfully pilot, refine, and scale their execution.

We will not only help you come up with new and better ideas; we can help you unlock the real key to innovation: putting your ideas into practice—quickly and successfully.

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