Better and Faster
Strategic Outcomes

Create Smarter Plans for Reaching Your Goals

Traditional strategy consulting, which often costs millions of dollars and takes months to complete, certainly has its place. But Consequent’s application of the “Playing to Win” framework, developed by former Procter & Gamble CEO A.G. Lafley and the renowned management expert Roger Martin, is a much better and faster alternative. In just a few days, we can help your leaders create a winning vision, choose where to focus your efforts (and where not to), and figure out the capabilities and management systems required to be successful. What’s more, by the time we’re done, your strategy will be ready to implement by the very people who created it. With Consequent’s approach to collaborative strategy consulting, you won’t just develop a PowerPoint; you will cocreate a winning action plan ready to be implemented.

In a short period of time,
we can help your leaders
create a winning vision.