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We can help your leaders create strategic action plans and achieve winning outcomes better and faster.

Experience Consequent’s acceleration of the “Playing to Win” framework using Turnaround Time principles.

Traditional strategic planning consulting, which often costs millions of dollars and takes months to complete, certainly has its place. But Consequent’s unique application of the “Playing to Win” framework, developed by former Procter & Gamble CEO A.G. Lafley and the renowned management expert Roger Martin, is a better and faster way to create execution-ready strategic plans. Using our collaborative approach, in a fraction of the time, we will help your leaders identify key drivers for success, prioritize where to focus their efforts, and develop the necessary capabilities and management systems to execute winning strategies. We will help you cocreate a clear, actionable strategy that will set you apart from your competitors. By the time we finish, your strategy will be ready to implement. Using Consequent’s strategic planning approach, you won’t just develop a presentation; you will cocreate a winning action plan that is ready to be project managed. Equip your leadership team to win in the marketplace with:

  • A clear and compelling vision,
  • A prioritized set of business requirements for success, and
  • A deep understanding of your company’s competitive advantages and how to leverage them.

Whether planning for your company overall, a functional area, or a major initiative, Consequent’s accelerated Playing to Win approach will help you succeed – better and less expensively.  Talk to our team today.

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