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In a short period of time, we will help your leaders and team members align with a single vision, a shared plan, and a project plan to execute that vision.

Activate Your Team With Strati-Pro.

It is often difficult to get teams on the same page and working together in an integrated way. It can be especially time consuming working with each stakeholder individually. A one- or two-day Strati-Pro event, as part of a broader engagement, will help you build Turnaround Time organizational capabilities that get everyone aligned and working together to achieve common goals. How does it work? Every team member takes the Strati-Pro survey to learn how to succeed individually and collectively. We then bring everyone together for a Strati-Pro meeting that unifies the team and creates actionable plans for key initiatives. In a short period of time, we will help you get your leaders and team members aligned through a single vision, a shared plan and timeline to deliver that vision, and execution steps for moving forward. The Best Part? It Takes Far Less Meeting Time Overall. Strati-Pro helps executives, managers, and team members align as cross-functional leaders and teams. It can help you quickly identify Turnaround Time preferences and abilities of team members’ as well as potential blind spots.  This will reduce bottlenecks and frustration. It will help you rapidly activate insights into how your team interprets the vision, the best way to implement it,  and clear up any misunderstandings before they negatively impact your results.

Strati-Pro helps you operationalize Turnaround Time

Strati-Pro (SP) helps teams produce better solutions and achieve faster results with less organizational aggravation.  It helps individuals and cross-functional teams do this using the Turnaround Time Envision-Design-Build-Activate (EDBA) business transformation process.

You can establish your North Star using Strati-Pro to integrate and accelerate where to go and why in a clearly defined timeframe (Envision), what priorities to focus on (Design), how to achieve your priorities most productively (Build), and choosing the best person for each task (Activate).

Take Strati-Pro to improve your impact using insights on your personal preferences, potential blind spots, and most important priorities. Strati-Pro will help you align faster by using the Turnaround Time EDBA business transformation process.

Take the free, individual version of the Strati-Pro survey to learn more about yourself, the things that give you the most energy, and how you can best partner with others to be more successful!


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