The Velocity Advantage

Success in our rapidly changing world is not about speed or direction. It requires speed and direction. What is the secret to this success? Velocity — getting the right people engaged at the right time.

By redesigning teamwork for the 21st century, The Velocity Advantage will help you and your company achieve better and faster results with less effort and aggravation. Break free of industrial-age thinking. And turn cross-functional chaos into organizational breakthroughs.

Discover a Better Way to Work

Work Differently

Find out how velocity increases when the right people work smarter, not harder.

Create Winning Teams

Capitalize on better and faster decision-making, stronger engagement and more successful office relationships.

Find Common Ground

Create more productive insights and collaborations with integrated, knowledge-based project management.

Escape Office Chaos

Replace meeting with working and turn learning into earning.

The Power of Velocity

Better Outcomes

Reduce project overruns by more than 50 percent, and for half the cost.

Smarter Strategies

Improve the speed and quality of outcomes by reducing project team sizes by more than 50 percent.

Real Knowledge

Successful solutions based on 35 years of research and application at Fortune 500 companies.

Get to Know Jack

Success is no longer coming from being bigger and by focusing on the pieces, but by being faster and focusing on the big picture.
—Jack Bergstrand, The Velocity Advantage

Jack Bergstrand knows how to help teams with disparate talents work together to achieve big goals.

A former executive at The Coca-Cola Company and the founder of Brand Velocity and Consequent consulting, Jack Bergstrand’s revolutionary ideas incorporate 35 years of research and experience across a broad range of companies and industries.

Bergstrand specializes in business strategy and large-scale transformations for Fortune 500 companies with initiatives totaling more than $4 billion. After applying The Velocity Advantage, companies see better results in less time, and at lower costs.

A Drucker Institute board member who also holds three master’s degrees, Bergstrand has earned a reputation for helping others improve speed, quality and outcomes at companies both large and small.